Why are we here?

A lofty question, and one that I am unwilling to answer. But I think I can answer “Why is this clog here?”

After many years of having no formal writing outlet, I finally realized that I needed a place where my thoughts could coalesce into tangible form; in this case, words. I came to this realization while testing out our new wiki at work (very neat, definitely give it a look-see if you are at all interested in that sort of thing). I was examining its “blog” capabilities, and thought, “Hey, I could do this, it might even be kinda neat.” That started the wheels of my mind turning, and its logic flowed to the inevitable conclusion: Why not start my own personal “blog”?

But first, what the heck IS a “blog”? Indeed, just what is this bastard child supposed to be? Originally, (and I suppose we all know this by now) “blog” came as a short-hand for “web-log”. This was (as near as I can tell) supposed to be a form of online journal, published in electronic form using that new-fangled technology, The WebTM. Unfortunately, it seems this short-hand form of web log has stuck, so we are left with a throw back view of electronic publishing from the 1990s.

Being different, I called this a clog. The beauty is leaving the precise definition of what exactly a clog is up to you. It could be Chris’ Log, or Captain’s Log, or simply the thing that is backing the Internet pipes up. Whatever it may be to you, this is where I will be detailing what projects I’m working on, reflecting on experiences and musings that I may have, along with a general interest in everything around me.

Welcome to the clog.

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